To Whom It May Concern:

I was asked by Charles Hardy to take over as webmaster for the domain in mid-2015. I did so. I created a new, robust and dynamic website capable of being edited by several different people with selective permissions. The lists could be edited on the fly and the forms were submitted directly into a spreadsheet for easy collation.

A new Section Manager was appointed. I worked with this section manager changing the lists and giving him appropriate permissions.

As I am not involved with the WVARRL nor with the radio council, I was not made privy to any of the inner workings of either group, nor was I informed that Charles Hardy was no longer involved. (Did he pass away?) All I was doing was adding information whenever asked and providing free hosting and tech support for the website, users and domain name.

Regardless, at some point, the new Section Manager decided he wanted full control of a website and did not inquire about how to obtain If he would have done so, I would have informed him that ownership was transferred to me (WV0CQ) previously by Charles Hardy and I had full control of the domain. However, the new Section Manager struck out on his own and created a new site with about the same functionality as the old site I had just previously rolled out, albeit with a different "look".

At any rate, this site is no longer home to and all of the search engine optimization and web links from other sites are now null and void.

All it would have taken was a simple question "....may I have the domain name to maintain myself?" from the new Section Manager and all would be good. That didn't happen.

So now, I sit here with a domain name that doesn't do anything but take up space, that actually had value for the organization. But because of bad decisions and bad communication skills by the new "Section Manager", all is lost. It's a damn shame when an organization built on the premise of enhancing communications can't even ask a simple question of someone volunteering for the organization. Now, in order to obtain this domain, the question still needs to be asked, along with, in my opinion, a nice apology by the Section Manager for being an asshole about all of this.